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Micro greens

Micro greens bring out the power and flavor of each plant, in a tiny bite-sized form. From the selection of USDA organic seeds to the fresh weekly deliveries, our micro greens are certain to add flavor, character and nutrition to your meals. Please ask about our small serving, mixed flat and bulk product pricing.

Full-tray of micro-greens


Mindful Winter Watering

Water usage and preservation in Colorado can be a very dry subject, but little is discussed about landscape watering during the winter months. Mindful winter watering means a shift in thought that changes with the seasons as well as following some basic guidelines that will give your lawn, trees and shrubs a greater chance to …


Awesome Acres LLC. represents an ever-changing world of agricultural thought and environmental technology.  Our mission is to use these resources to better ourselves and the world we live in through futuristic concepts and practical real-world applications. We are creating a portal to discuss, design, develop and execute ideas toward the betterment of the food we eat, the way we live and the planet we all occupy.